Improve the value of your home.

Adding plants to your landscape can make your home more valuable. Installing irrigation tools like drip irrigation and efficient watering timers can also improve the resale value.

Colorful and beneficial.

Planting a few flowers, trees, and shrubs gives some color to your yard and has community-wide benefits, for humans and wildlife alike. California friendly plants provide a habitat for pollinators like birds and butterflies.

Cut your energy costs.

Shade trees, which provide a natural heat buffer for your home, can reduce energy consumption for cooling by as much as 25%.

Clean the air.

Plants are vital to a healthy ecosystem and air quality. Just one tree can scrub 26 pounds of CO2 from the air annually, and add essential oxygen.

Why Plant? You and your home will feel better.

Plants clean the air, increase the value of your home, support local ecology, cut energy costs and make California more beautiful. Get out there and plant something!

Plant California is your go-to resource for gardening tips and projects:

  • Find a California nursery near you! Nursery staff can help you find the right plants and materials to suit your garden.
  • Get inspiration and information on low-budget, low-maintenance garden projects and tips in the Learning Center.
  • Browse workshops hosted by California nurseries and garden centers to learn from the experts.

Get out there and plant something!

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