The Incredible, Edible Patio Garden

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Think beautiful, fragrant and full of surprises. You would be shocked at how much food you can grow in a very small space. This is container gardening on steroids.

By grouping together multiple containers you can grow a veritable feast – vegetables, fruit, herbs and edible flowers. You, yes you, can grow vegetables, fruit, herbs and edible flowers on your patio or balcony. Promise. Don’t freak out – this is exciting stuff!

This is also simple stuff! Just a few easy steps and you’ll practically be farming on your porch! Watch our video for further inspiration and how to get the most crop production (crop production!) out of your small space. The sooner you dig in, the sooner you’ll be enjoying the harvest!

Materials List

  1. Container
  2. Potting soil
  3. Compost or organic fertilizer
  4. Gloves
  5. Trowel (hand shovel)
  6. Plant Stakes (labels)
  7. Plants


  1. Think Containers: Before you choose your containers, consider the size and quantity of plants you want to use. You also want to be sure to choose containers that have proper drainage, such as drain holes.
  2. So Many Options: Select your plants. For our demonstration, we used: blueberries, dwarf fruit tree, herbs, edible flowers (nasturtium), raspberries, blackberries, cucumbers, peppers, strawberries, and miniature pomegranate.
  3. Get Your Hands Dirty: Fill your containers with potting soil.
  4. Moment of Truth: Plant your plants, making sure they are below the lip of the container to avoid run off while watering.
  5. Water Well and Regularly: Water thoroughly after planting and keep watering regularly—usually about an inch or so per week.
  6. Fertilizer is Your Friend: A few weeks after planting, add a side dressing of compost or organic fertilizer to your soil.
  7. Location Matters: It’s important to think through where to place your containers. Herbs like four hours of sun per day and vegetables need six or more! If you have questions, talk to a local nursery or garden center professional who can help you plant and place wisely.