Milkweed, Monarchs, & More!

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What is milkweed? Come find out as we have a look at the life of North America’s most popular butterfly, the monarch, plus other insects found on milkweed plants.

Local biologist Bob Allen has been studying monarchs since gradeschool-age, tagging them for University of Toronto since age 9, and now participating with the Xerces Society and The Monarch Project. Hear about the life cycle of the monarch, migrations, and studies. He’ll also present California species of milkweed, the unusual plants they feed on as larvae.

Big News! The latest scientific research reveals that monarch population reductions are related to the lack of fall-blooming flowers that provide adults with nectar they need to make the journey to overwintering sites. You can remedy that in your own yard by planting fall-blooming plants. Bob will present his favorite plant choices, available from the nursery.

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Tree of Life Nursery

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