Drip Irrigation Basics: A Workshop for Home Landscapers and Gardeners

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University of California Cooperative Extension, the Regional Water Authority Be Water Smart Program, City of Sacramento and the University of California Davis Center for Urban Horticulture are working together to bring this drip irrigation workshop to homeowners. This workshop will cover the basics of drip irrigation in home landscapes and gardens.  Anyone with interest in low-volume irrigation for saving water should attend.  You will learn how drip irrigation works and the benefits of using it; the types of drip systems available, including tubing, fittings, and emitters; and how to retrofit existing lawn sprinklers for landscape plantings.  A follow-up course will be offered in the spring to help residents understand how much to water with a drip system.

Registration is free, but required for attendance. Each registered participant will be entered to win one of several drip irrigation conversion kits to be given away at the workshop. Registration will close on Tuesday November 3rd. Click here to Register.

Cost: Free!

Sam & Bonnie Pannell Community Center

2450 Meadowview Rd. Sacramento, CA 95832