Create a Succulent Wreath

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Succulents are a fantastic drought-tolerant plant to use indoors and outdoors. These colorful water-wise plants look great in the yard, window boxes and hanging baskets. Plant a succulent wreath for a whimsical and festive look!

Succulents come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. One thing they all have in common is they retain water in their leaves, making them a brilliant low-water need option.

Spray succulents with a water bottle every 2 – 3 weeks once established. Water once a week for the first few months.

Once you’ve planted the wreath, lay it down for at least a week to help the plants establish roots. Then hang it wherever you’d like, inside or outside – succulents make excellent houseplants! Succulent wreaths hung outside do best when protected from the wind and afternoon heat.

This living piece of art will last for 2 – 3 years. When it begins to wear out, replace the burlap and soil, re-plant the succulents, and add new moss. A double layer of burlap will help the wreath last longer.

Materials List:

  1. Metal wreath form
  2. 4 – 10 succulents
  3. Potting soil (cactus/succulent mix preferred)
  4. Sphagnum or other dried moss
  5. Burlap
  6. Hook


  1. Cut burlap into a wide strip and layer it so the bottom and sides of the wreath are covered.
  2. Fill wreath halfway with soil, leaving room for the plants and moss.
  3. Arrange succulents, mixing colors and shapes.
  4. Place wreath form cover on, pulling succulent leaves through where needed.
  5. Arrange moss around plants and weave it under the wreath form cover.
  6. Water each succulent for a few seconds.
  7. Lay the wreath horizontaly for at least a week to help the roots to become established.
  8. Hang in partial sun; early morning light is best.

Succulent Wreath