Concrete Pot-Palooza

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What FUN! We are going to construct 4 different fast drying concrete pots using different methods with one beautiful result! These crafty concrete containers will be  a variety of shapes- pleated, free formed with fabric, tostada shaped and unique, and will fit a 4-5″ potted plant. Your imagination will go wild once you get hooked on making these hefty little gems. We include all materials and instruction, and you will go home (maybe a little dirtier than when you started)  with the satisfaction of saying “I made that!” and be proud of what you have accomplished. We promise you will have FUN, and be inspired to make more at home.

The cost for this workshop is $35.00 plus tax. Please sign up by July 22 to reserve your space.

Alden Lane Nursery:

981 Alden Lane – Livermore, CA 94550

(925) 447-0280