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Growing Fruit in Containers

Container growing is an excellent option for more than just flowers and herbs. You can grow a variety of delicious fruits in containers by choosing the right varieties and providing the right conditions. You may already be growing dwarf fruit trees in containers, now consider expanding your home-grown fruit basket to include container-grown strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, or even grapes.…Read More

Planting Seeds Successfully

Growing plants from seed and witnessing your garden sprout from bare earth and come to life, is quite satisfying. This method also gives you the greatest range of economical plant options; a packet of seeds can produce dozens or even hundreds of plants and, if stored properly, will usually last for one or more additional seasons, depending on the type of plant.…Read More

Backyard Orchard

A backyard orchard can be brought to fruition in less space than you may think! Many types of fruit trees are available in dwarf forms that you can grow in small gardens or even in patio containers.…Read More

How to Plant a Tree Correctly

Planting a tree on your property can offer so many benefits for you and the generations to follow. A tree planted near your house can provide shade or a helpful windbreak, help keep energy costs down, and create a habitat for nearby creatures like songbirds. It can also add to the value and salability of your home. …Read More

Repotting or Transplanting a Plant

Sooner or later, many plants outgrow their conditions. Giving a plant fresh soil and more room to grow is one of the simplest steps you can take to keep it healthy and flourishing.…Read More

Grow Your Own Bouquet of Cut Flowers

One of the many benefits of gardening is being able to bring the outdoors in, and what better way to do that than gathering a bouquet of fresh flowers from your own garden? A cutting garden is an old-fashioned idea that never goes out of style and it is easily adaptable to whatever your gardening space and conditions offer.…Read More

Creating a Native Bee Habitat

Native bees are the most important group of pollinators we have, and with their habitat dwindling, now is a more important time than ever for us to lend a helping hand. Most native bees nest in the ground and other species of native bees nest in beetle tunnels in old wood, but as wildlands disappear, these nesting spaces too are disappearing. …Read More

How to Test Your Garden Soil

There’s a lot you can learn from getting down in the dirt. Doing a simple test of your garden soil can give you crucial information that makes caring for your plants easier and more effective.…Read More

Growing Tomatoes in Containers

With some basic gardening know-how you can enjoy fresh, home-grown tomatoes from a backyard garden! Tomatoes aren’t difficult to grow and you don’t even need a patch of ground to plant in. They will grow very happily in a container on a sunny balcony or deck, as long as you follow a few important steps.…Read More

Recycling Indoor Water in the Garden

Now that water conservation is a part of everyday life in California, it is more important than ever that Californians be water-smart. Landscape water needs offer an opportunity for water conservation and there are lots of ways to get creative with how we save our water. One way you can be more water-wise is to recycle water used indoors and put it to use in your garden.…Read More

How to Grow Vegetables in Shade

Even if you don’t have a bright, sunny yard, you can still grow delicious and nutritious edible plants. While plants that are grown for the fruit or the root generally do require full sun to thrive, plants grown for their edible leaves and stems will often do just fine in the shade.…Read More

Growing Edible Flowers

There are edible options for your garden beyond just fruits, vegetables, and herbs—you may be surprised to learn that many cut flowers are safe to eat! If they’re grown under the right conditions, some of the blossoms you already have growing could easily find their way into your lunchtime salad or decorate your favorite dessert. …Read More

Growing Vertically

If you’re looking for new ways to garden, you may need to grow up! Vertical gardening is not just one of the latest trends, it’s also a smart technique that maximizes space, lessens the impact of some garden pests, and provides great visual interest.…Read More

Creating a Hummingbird Habitat

Hummingbirds are important garden helpers that also add an element of grace and beauty. But they’re not just fascinating to watch—they are active pollinators and help to control insect pests by consuming them in large numbers for the protein they need to fuel their long and intense flights. Adding nectar-rich, flowering plants to your garden provides them with much-needed food along their migratory route. …Read More

Planting Guide

It’s important to understand the growing conditions in your garden to determine which plants will thrive in your environment and how to best utilize your space.…Read More

Create a Succulent Wreath

Succulents are a fantastic drought tolerant plant to use indoors and outdoors. These colorful water wise plants look great in the yard, window boxes and hanging baskets. Plant a succulent wreath for a whimsical and festive look!…Read More

Create an Air Plant Terrarium

Air plants are unique - they don’t need soil to grow, just air and a little water. Air plants (their botanical name is tillandsia) naturally grow in a rocky environment so bare roots are just fine. Air plants come in different shapes and sizes, there are even some flowering varieties.…Read More

How to be a Water Wise Gardener

With a little forethought and some simple tips, you can create and maintain a beautiful garden that has low environmental impact. …Read More

Plant a Small Space Vegetable Garden

It’s time to take a break from your virtual life and get your hands dirty. Lucky for you, in just a couple hours you can create a vegetable garden full of future bounty.…Read More

Convert Your Patio to Drip Irrigation

With California facing its worst drought on record, water-wise gardening is now more important than ever. …Read More

Create a Small Space Butterfly Garden

Nothing screams, “I’m a gardener with panache!” more than a few butterflies flirting and flitting about. …Read More

Plant A Cocktail Herb Garden

You may be surprised to know it is very simple to grow your very own cocktail herb garden. The only thing better than herb-infused cocktails, are herb-infused cocktails with herbs you grew yourself…Read More

Growing Citrus in Containers

Growing an herb garden is charming and useful. But growing citrus in a container? Well, now you are just showing off.…Read More

The Incredible, Edible Patio Garden

Think beautiful, fragrant and full of surprises. You would be shocked at how much food you can grow in a very small space. This is container gardening on steroids.…Read More

How to Make a Vertical Herb Garden

Don't let lack of a yard get in the way of your gardening pursuits. Vertical herb gardens are a perfect way to get your green thumb on — no yard required!…Read More

House Plants that Clean the Air

Look in any home décor catalogue and you'll see that one of the final touches of a perfectly decorated space is greenery; the more real, the better.…Read More

How to Maintain your Garden Organically

You've successfully planted a beautiful patio vegetable garden — check. In fact, you may or may not, be feasting on homegrown heirloom tomatoes, right this very second, congratulating yourself…Read More

How to Host a Plantacular Succulent Garden Party

This is a perfect get-together for the Pinterest age! Be the first of your friends to host a Plantacular party! …Read More